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23 players at first league at Cassel’s Sports Complex

23 players participated in our first league session at Cassel’s Sports Complex in Herndon, VA this evening. We played on 10 tables in 7,200 Sq. Ft. of space. League sessions are on Tuesdays and Fridays. what worms does ivermectin treat


First League Tomorrow at Cassel’s Sport Complex, Herndon

Friday is our first league at Cassel’s Sports Complex 14000 Park Center Road, Herndon, VA. 20171 and we would love to see you all there. We’ll will be playing on up to 10 tables using 2 Volley Ball courts totaling 7,200 Sq. Ft giving ample room for all players.

If you planning on joining please arrive early to fill the forms on reception. Sign in for league between 7.30 and 8.00pm for members and between 7.45pm and 8.00pm for non-members on a first come first served basis.

Playing tomorrow and already or planning to be a member? Please let me know and I’ll start the sign up list today on first come, first served basis. This will help me organize the league efficiently. Note once the league draw has been made we won’t be able to accept late entries.

Checking court availability

Officially open today. To play outside of our core hours visit; if there’s a free court then staff will setup a table for you to play on. Alternatively you can call 703-309-4447.

Open 1st February and practice league 1/29/2016

Opening 1st February 2016 at Cassel’s Sports Complex (14000 Park Center Road, Herndon, VA. 20171). First league will be on 5th February 2016.
Practice league this evening! Come and see/play Table Tennis at Cassel’s Sport Complex in Herndon, VA this evening 1/29/2016. Arrive 7.30pm to play a practice league session starting at 8.00pm! We will be taking photos to update the website. You will be able to sign up for membership at reception.

Smash Table Tennis is reopening at Cassel’s Sports Complex, Herndon

Smash Table Tennis is reopening at Cassel’s Sports Complex, Herndon

25th January 2016: In the next 2-3 weeks Smash Table Tennis will be reopening in Herndon, Virginia at Cassel’s Sport Complex. We will be offering playing facilities, coaching, group coaching, league, sanctioned tournament and equipment sales at our onsite pro-shop. Please stay tuned for more information and updates.

Kind regards, Coach Michael



Vega Tour Blade Review

Vega Tour Blade Review

Vega Tour Blade Review

The Vega Tour Xiom blade this is most expensive shakehand blade in the XIOM line up. To test this blade we paired it with Red Omega V Tour on the forehand and black Omega V Euro on the backhand, both maximum thickness. Total cost of setup $340.

Construction – this is an attrative paddle however there were a couple of spots on the handle where the carbon fiber material protruded from the handle making for a rough feel. This was easily resolved with fine sandpaper. The outer vaneer of Hinoki wood appears to have been factory sealed which should add longevity to the life of the blade as rubbers are affixed and removed from the blade over time.

The paddle is approximately the same weight as my Hayabusa ZXi. I was expecting it to be similar in terms of speed, spin and control however it is slower with noticably more spin and control. Contacting the ball with this paddle gives a firmer feeling than the ZXi.  It also has a higher throw which will require an adjustment, to prevent balls from flying off the end of the table.

This setup will suit a variety of players, close and close-mid distance spin attackers and those who have fast racket speed which will enable them to create massive spin with good penetration.





Sunday practice tournament results

Results from Sunday afternoon practice tournament

How table tennis can help you lose weight

How table tennis can help you lose weight

Table Tennis can be played by people of all ages and levels of fitness. It offers good cardiovascular exercise and it is fun to play. بلاك جاك There is a minimal risk of injury. A workout can be gentle or highly aerobic involving fast movements to burn up calories. Furthermore it helps sharpen the mind requiring strategic decision making in a fraction of a second during a rally. الكسبرس

Beginners can burn 200-350 calories per hour of play. بطاقة ابل باي Elite players with better footwork can boost this to over 500 calories. Playing table tennis you will strengthen and exercise many muscles including the quads, calves, forearms, abdominals, biceps, shoulders and triceps.

For information about Smash Table Tennis programs call on 678-682-1907, email or visit us at our Sterling, VA location.

2015 XIOM Fall Open

2015 XIOM Fall Open

2015 XIOM Fall Open

Our next USA Table Tennis association sanctioned event will be on 31st October and 1st November 2015. We have events for all ages and all standards. Sign up online at or download the entry form below.

2015 XIOM Fall-2

Results of 2015 Tri-State & District Championships

2015 Tri-State and District Championships

Report, Pictures and Results


In a keenly fought contest the number 1 seed Derek Nie overcame Raghu Nadmichettu by a 4-2 margin in the final of the Tri-State and District Championships to become the regional champion! This event was open to residents, workers and student of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Derek advanced to the final by beating Allen Lin 4-1 in the semi final in a battle of speed versus extreme spin. Raghu beat Nam Nguyen 4-0, despite Nam having recorded a previous win against Raghu at the North America teams event last year, Raghu played consistently making very few errors. In the final Raghu playing well took an early 2-1; Derek rallied back to a 3-2 game lead prior to closing out a nail biting final game 12-10 with strong rallies and exciting play from both players. Nam Nguyem beat Allen Lin 4-0 to win the bronze medal putting on a display of accurate smashing, blocking and on occasions crowd pleasing away from the table, top spin defense. The games were closely fought however Nam through fast exciting to watch play, was able to edge out Allen in each of the games. It takes 2 to put on an entertaining show, so congratulations also go to 4th place finisher Allen Lin.

Over 40’s and over 50’s titles were lifted by Michael Levene and John Olsen respectively; with both players proving to be too strong for the rest of the field. Michael had previously given Raghu a difficult match in open group play losing 11-9, 9-11, 16-14, 21-19 before bowing out to Allen Lin in the quarter finals of the open.

The rated events were evenly contested and only a wise person would have been able to pick and place the medalists prior to the event. Unrated Anthony Gianquitti won the Unrated/Under 1200, Dragos Prisaca won the under 1600 and in a classic offense versus defense final Frederick Nicoles chopped and hit his way to victory over  local Smash player and former Indian international Gaurav Sharma to win the Under 2000 event.

In the last event of the tournament on Sunday evening William Waltrip and Max Labell won the doubles event, beating all over teams in a 7 team round robin.


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Tri-State Table Tennis Results