Capital Area Super League FAQ

There have been a few questions raised with respect to the Capital Area TT Super League. Here are a few points of clarification, after some discussion. I am sure there will be more.

Keep in mind that, at this stage, nothing is set in stone.  We appreciate your patience as we launch this new initiative; I believe that we will learn a lot during the first season and we will be to fine-tune things in the future. For the time being, we want to get started, so we have made some decisions fairly quickly.  Please let us know if you have additional questions (I am sure we have missed many items!)

Question #1: How will the team fees be used? Will the host clubs collect additional club fees for non-club members playing in the league?

The (fairly modest) team fees ($200/team) will be used to pay for any operational expense (basically a software license), and fund prizes.  At this point, we (as in “league organizers”) are NOT planning on paying fees directly to the clubs (contrary to what I told some of you earlier today – my apologies). It would be the responsibility of each team to find a venue for their home matches – that means that each team would negotiate an agreement with its club, if the team wants to play its home matches at its club (in which case, the club can decide whether to charge its team(s) or not, what day/time can be made available, etc.).  We are going to leave it between the teams and the clubs.  The only request we would have is that clubs do not charge visiting players and their immediate family, though. Teams could also use venues other than their own club, if they so choose and/or if they cannot come to an agreement with their club – it could be other clubs or any other place, provided that reasonable playing conditions can be met.  Keep in mind that, if there is enough interest, and events are marketed appropriately, each club would of course be free to charge spectator fees (this is probably more in the long run, but I could see that happen for some key games).

Question #2: How will the Prize money be distributed?

This is still to be determined, but we will communicate it closer to the start date.

Question #3: Will there be rating caps or restrictions?

We will not have any rating caps, or any restrictions. We would, of course, prefer to have a balanced league, with competitive games and evenly-matched teams.  Of course, teams will be placed in the appropriate division (number of divisions will depend on the number of teams that will sign up), according to the ratings of their top 3 players.

Question #4: What type of balls will we use?

Our intent is to have a ball sponsor, which will allow ball standardization as much as possible.  While we are not sure about the brand, we will be using plastic balls.

Question #5: What is the format of the matches?

Team matches will be nine individual matches, with all nine matches played out. It will be 3v3 players (potentially with the option to substitute in a 4th player). Points will be assigned for each individual match. Also, there will be 1 bonus point for not defaulting, and -1 point for defaulting. A team will be allowed to play with only 2 players present, but it will start from a 0-3 deficit and not be given the additional bonus point.  For example, if a team shows up with 3 players and wins 7-2, they will win 8 points (7 matches + 1 bonus point).  If a team shows up with 2 players and the two players win all of their matches, the final result will be 6-3 and that team will win 6 points (6 matches + 0 bonus point).

Question #6: What day of the week are the matches?

It will up to each individual team to select the time/day of their home matches, and, again, make sure they have a venue for their home games. However, teams that decide to play during a weekday will be asked to have a start time of between 7 and 8 pm (to allow for realistic travel times in our highly congested area, while not having super-late games).

Question #7: Is there a web site?

We have an initial web site at:


Club Venues to contact if you need a home venue:

WDCTT – Charlene | 6403 Chillum Pl NW, Washington DC, 20012 | Phone: 202-459-9096 | E-mail:

Smash TT – Michael | 21620 Ridgetop Circle Suite 195, Sterling, VA 20166 | Phone: 678 682 1907 | E-Mail: