Smash Table Tennis to host 2015 World Police and Fire Games

Smash Table Tennis to Host 2015 Table Tennis for World Police and Fire Games


Every 2 years 12,000 professional, public safety athletes from 70 countries compete in 60+ sports to qualify for over 1,600 medal sporting events. The event moves from country to county. The 2015 games is being held in Fairfax County, Virginia, USA. Smash Table Tennis in Sterling, Virginia, owned by ex-pat & former UK national league and county player Michael Levene will be host the table tennis! Information about the games can be found at


Smash Table Tennis which opened in January 2015 is a place where both keen amateur and recreational players can gather in a social environment and participate in the sport of table-tennis. Our center provides best facilities, coaching programs and value for money suitable for beginners, intermediate to advanced players.



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