SMASH TT League Awards Process

A SMASH Table Tennis league season consists of 20 sessions played 2 times per week over a 10 week period. In order to qualify for a post-league award a player must play at least 8 sessions in a league season. Winners of league awards are the players, within their class, with the best match win/loss ratio in their best 8 sessions. In the event of a tie a playoff will be arranged.

Fee for league is $2.50 for members and $12.50 for non-members. $2.50 per league player session (excluding employees and family of Smash Table Tennis who are not eligible for prizes) is contributed to the prize pool. granada vs real madrid

At the end of each season players will be divided in 3 tiers by based on their season ending rating. The player with the best win/loss ratio and second best win/loss ratio will be named the winner and runner up. إنشاء حساب بايير To qualify for the open award a players best results must include 5 matches from group 1 otherwise the player will be moved into class B. This prevents a player from accumulating a high percentage of wins in lower divisions and scooping the open award without having a winning record on table 1. Forfeit matches will count in the determination of win/loss ratio for the purposes of prizes. In the event that there are insufficient qualifiers in a particular tier the league manager may at his or her discretion divide the tieirs by either distinct rating bands (for example open could be over 1400) or into 3 tier by player who actually qualified for award consideration. تحميل لعبة البوكر اون لاين

The following table shows the percentage of the prize pool awarded to winners and runner up players in each tier and the prizes assuming an average of 14 player participate per league session. Family member of the owners and employees of Smash Table Tennis LLC are not eligible to be considered for the prize pool; however their matches results do count towards other players win/loss ratio’s with the exception of the club coach who’s record is expunged prior to calculation of results. In the event of a player being ineligible then the players with the second and third highest ratio will win the awards.

Tier Position Percentage of pool $700 prize pool example
1 1 25% $175.00
1 2 15% $105.00
2 1 20% $140.00
2 2 10% $70.00
3 1 20% $140.00
3 2 10% $70.00
Total 100% $700.00