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Use this page to book a lesson. Lessons can be schedule with  minimum of 12 hours notice on this site, however please telephone/text the coach to confirm if you are booking less than 24 hours  in advance.

Please arrive in good time to pay for your lesson and be ready to start on time. As a lesson may be scheduled immediately after your lesson so there is no guarantee we can extend a lesson for late arrivals. Lessons may be cancelled or rescheduled 24 hours in advance without penalty. Cancelled lessons within 24 hours of appointment forfeit the lesson fee. For a first time new customer booking, this must be paid in advance (please call 678 682 1907 or send money on PayPal to

NOTE: 30 minute lessons should only be booked if there are other bookings prior to or after the requested time – this prevents coaches from having to travel to and from the center, for a 30 minute lesson only.

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