Review: XIOM Vega Pro Blade


At a retail price of $320 the XIOM Vega Pro blade with Omega V Asia and Omega V Europe rubbers is the most expensive paddle in the XIOM catalog. Customers in person at Smash Table Tennis, an official distributor of genuine XIOM products get a 14 day money back guarantee on equipment. They also get the chance to try out the newest XIOM products for free. If you cant try before you buy, or don’t get to buy risk free – here’s my review:

This blade is well suited for players who stand close to mid-distance from the table. It is more flexible than the Hayabusa ZXi consequently it has exceptional feeling and control. Services, loops and pushed shots can be loaded with very heavy spin. At mid distance a ball struck with a very fast racket speed, at the top of the ball, can be made to dip aggressively as the ball contacts the table. This gives an opponent a low trajectory fast & spiny ball which is very difficult to return or smash through.

Given flexibility and control this is not an over powered racket. It is sufficiently powered to play at the highest echelons of the sport with proper technique; transferring weight through the ball on the forehand and using a fluid motion on the backhand.

This is a setup which will support players who use spin OR spin coupled with speed to attack the ball and who like a medium feeling blade with exceptional control. Highly recommended – its a keeper and worth the money.

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