XIOM Hayabusa ZXi Review


Yesterday evening I put together a new Hayabusa ZXi blade for my club members to try out with Omega V Asia on the forehand and Omega V Euro on the backhand. The blade is stiff, responsive and light, consequently it is fast. Typically with fast blade the ability to generate massive amounts of spin are diminished, particularly on service due to a quicker rebound time & less dwell time on the blade. This is not the case with this paddle. It has great feeling and a decent dwell time allowing players to generate fast yet massively spinney shots whilst maintaining excellent control. It is ideally suited for players who play close to mid-distance from the table. Comparing this blade with Butterfly’s Innerforce ZLC it feels marginally lighter has a sharper feeling, delivering more punch with increased speed and spin without compromising on control. Overall this is a great blade from XIOM.Come to Smash Table Tennis in Sterling, VA and ask to try it for yourself.


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